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Fostering Creativity aims to support both children and adults to develop creative attitude to life and to maintain a sense of curiosity throughout life.


“…creativity involves changing a way of doing things, or a way of thinking …”

“But if creativity with a capital C is largely beyond our control, living a creative personal life is not. And in terms of ultimate fulfilment, the latter may be the most important accomplishment.” M. Csikszentmihalyi: Creativity


My philosophy
We can all learn to be in touch with ‘what is’, to ‘see beyond’ and gain insight into a world of magic and wonder surrounding us by eliminating those elements of our perception that limit our vision and enhancing those that brighten it. Then, we can use this new way of seeing as a base for creating our new reality.

My understanding of creativity combines the two approaches (scientific and spiritual/metaphysical), somehow. I believe that Creativity is God’s Power expressed through us. We are co-creators with God. However, more often than not, when we look at our ‘creation’ (life) we are dissatisfied with what we see. According to my observations, what hinders us in co-creating according to our power and magnificence is the way we look at things (our attitude) and that is what preludes our creative – form making – thoughts.

Our perception of ‘what is’ is often limited by various factors therefore we do not perceive ‘gestalt’ (the whole) as it is, only parts of it depending on our belief system that was shaped by our previous experiences, our family, culture, education system, etc.

Please note that being limited is a human condition therefore approaching the topic of our ‘faultiness’ needs delicate handling by acceptance and compassion.

We can, however, train ourselves to see more of the ‘whole’. One way of doing that is to train our ‘right side’ of our brain to wake up and work ‘better’. The left hemisphere -‘the analytical side’ – of the brain becomes dominant whereas the right side slightly slips into the back and becomes a silent observer. The reason for that is often that our society (culture, family) wants us to follow a pre-prepared road and traditions, to do things the usual and acceptable manner, and to be similar and so familiar.

We all have a unique way of looking at life and so we can pursue life in a unique manner. However, early on we are trained not to look for new ways but settle with what has already been invented and tried. (testing system of our schools) Our curiosity and often with that our enthusiasms go to sleep like a Sleeping Beauty waiting for her Price to wake her up one day. We are our own Prince Charming! It is our responsibility to find the way back to our Creative Power, realize what blurs our vision of Wholeness and move onto greener pastures!

During my workshops I support participants to awake their Sleeping Beauty in a playful and joyful manner. I also offer practical tools to be used in order to support ourselves in becoming more and more creative in our lives and to ‘see beyond’ what is apparent. I encourage participants to look for the hidden textures of life that make our ordinary existence more exciting and adventurous without being chaotic.

It is time to become curious again!


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