A totally different experience

In contrast, she describes the Acting Without Agony Academy class by Brad Heller as “a totally different experience from my college training. His approach is that acting is fun and not that complex. When you walk into Brad’s class, he immediately accepts you as an actor and tries to help you get better. He is never mean or harsh. He just speaks the truth in a loving (and often funny) way.”

She says “The vibe of the class is very warm, supportive and fun. I think I would be way better actor by now if I had not studied acting at NYU, and just came straight to Brad.”

The school website says it is built around the lessons of the late Don Richardson who wrote the critically acclaimed book Acting Without Agony: An Alternative to the Method.

Nurturing sensitivity

John Ruskin, head of The Ruskin School of Acting, notes that “actors must be willing to experience themselves and their feelings in ways other people are not willing. In doing this, they give their audience permission to do the same.”

But to have that kind of emotional freedom, you need support while you’re learning and performing.

And actors are often highly sensitive people, who may need to be more aware of their emotional reactions to situations and to other people – and take care not get overwhelmed.

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Frank Langella in Unscripted, HBO, 2005