Art of Eileen

Crowdfunding helps artist bring creativity to aged care

101-year-old dancer, choreographer, costume designer, author, sculptor and illustrator Eileen Kramer has offered her talents to a project that aims to raise funds for art in aged care.
For the project, Art of Eileen, Kramer worked with fashion designer Brigid McLaughlin to create a range of scarves, using her own designs and McLaughlin’s ethical and environmentally sound practices.
Funds raised through the sale of the scarves will be used by Arts Health Institute (AHI) to train visual artists to deliver its program, Access to Express, in aged-care facilities.
Access to Express aims to increase quality of life for older Australians through artistic expression and cultural experiences, engaging residents in drawing, painting, sculpture and art appreciation.
Dr Maggie Haertsch, chief executive of AHI, said the campaign’s $12,000 target would allow the institute to train and employ about 20 artists to provide art-making experiences in health and aged-care settings.

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