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Picture diary – an invitation!

Shall we dance? I have been writing diaries since I was 15 years old. I still have today most of my diaries. I find it fascinating to see how much I have or have not changed over the years. I also love drawing and have been actively creating different art works and doodles for over Read More

Living, but not alive!

"A living being, but not alive." The Dutchman artist Theo Jansen creates these structures which move through the strength of the winds. He uses wood, PET bottles and rags to transform wind energy in a synchronized motion that looks like their creations have a life of its own! Sensational! Posted by The Mind Unleashed on Read More

Annie Leibovitz

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Today, at 67, Baryshnikov is still creating art of all kinds around the world. And on Monday, a gala in New York will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Baryshnikov Arts Center, a space he created to give artists the freedom to explore and take risks. Creating An Artist Nirvana With such an exceptional, international Read More

Crazy Creative! <3

Young girls don’t get enough credit for their fearless attitude towards how they present themselves. I hadn’t really thought about it until I found @what_my_daughter_wore on instagram, a project by Jenny Williams that documents the daily stylistic choices of tween girls. In an effort to focus more on her art, Williams challenged herself to draw Read More

Healing thru Art

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