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Fostering Creativity in Malta

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Wild&Awake Creative Adventures for Adults

Fostering Creativity aims to support both children and adults to develop a creative attitude to life and to maintain a sense of curiosity throughout life. “…creativity involves changing a way of doing things, or a way of thinking …” “But if creativity with a capital C is largely beyond our control, living a creative personal Read More

Crazy veggies! :)

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Improve yr drawing skills

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Why bother?

“That corny phrase ‘thinking outside the box,’ that’s what I do for corporations,” he says. “In teaching them how to draw, I’m teaching them an entirely new way to see. They unbox their minds and absorb what’s really there, with all of the complexity and beauty. One of the common phrases that students use afterward Read More

What is Right-brain thinking?

Two Ways of Knowing Betty Edwards has used the terms L-Mode and R-Mode to designate two ways of knowing and seeing – the verbal, analytic mode and the visual, perceptual mode – no matter where they are located in the individual brain. You are probably aware of these different characteristics. L-mode is a step-by-step style Read More

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