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from Betty Edwards’ principles of Drawing on the Right Side of the brain Right-Brain Creativity Blog with information on our courses here … Learning to draw, then, turns out not to be “learning to draw.” Paradoxically, “learning to draw” means learning to make a mental shift from L-mode to R-mode. That is what a person trained Read More

Right and Left Brain

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Useful information on right/left-brain thinking Betty Edwards has used the terms L-Mode and R-Mode to designate two ways of knowing and seeing – the verbal, analytic mode and the visual, perceptual mode – no matter where they are located in the individual brain. You are probably aware of these different characteristics. L-mode is a step-by-step Read More

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Importance of Creativity

Creativity Just As Important As Math And Science (article) Today, art education has been put on the back burner, with an increase in emphasis on math and science in our society. While this is not a bad thing in the least, it takes away from other forms of education, for example art education, of its Read More

The tile home :)

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