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Színes Város Fesztivál 2015

Between the beginning of August and the end of September, ten building walls around central Pest were enhanced with amazing oversized paintings by diverse street artists as part of Budapest’s Színes Város Festival, an arts and music celebration featuring more than 100 programs. The party may be over, but these vibrant artworks will continually brighten Read More


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A totally different experience In contrast, she describes the Acting Without Agony Academy class by Brad Heller as “a totally different experience from my college training. His approach is that acting is fun and not that complex. When you walk into Brad’s class, he immediately accepts you as an actor and tries to help you Read More

Creativity and low self esteem …

Overcoming low self esteem: “Where was my self respect?” Our self-esteem or positive self concept, and how well and deeply we value ourselves, and impacts how fully we can live and realize our talents. The horrific experience of abuse interests me as a creativity researcher for how it can distort awareness and self concept in Read More

Scary story @ Large!

Complement with John Gardner on what children can teach us about risk and personal growth, scientists’ and philosophers’ answers to children’s simple yet profound questions, and James Geary on what children’s minds reveal about the evolution of the human imagination. Source and article Read More

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