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Right Brain

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Benefits of right-brain thinking

Other creative people have deliberately employed techniques to activate the right brain for problem solving, writing ideas, and other creative solutions. Any sort of dissociation, disconnecting from the everyday world gets you there. For example, Edison is purported to have used the hypnogogic state to stimulate creativity. The hypnogogic state is that state just prior Read More


Useful information on right/left-brain thinking Betty Edwards has used the terms L-Mode and R-Mode to designate two ways of knowing and seeing – the verbal, analytic mode and the visual, perceptual mode – no matter where they are located in the individual brain. You are probably aware of these different characteristics. L-mode is a step-by-step Read More

Left or right?

The two sides of the brain The brain is composed of two hemispheres, the left and the right. The two sides process information very differently. The left brain is analytical, orderly, and detail oriented. It monitors behavior, and understands rules and boundaries. The right brain is intuitive, emotional, and holistic. It specializes in sounds and Read More

Importance of Creativity

Creativity Just As Important As Math And Science (article) Today, art education has been put on the back burner, with an increase in emphasis on math and science in our society. While this is not a bad thing in the least, it takes away from other forms of education, for example art education, of its Read More

The third self by Mary Oliver

“Certainly there is within each of us a self that is neither a child, nor a servant of the hours. It is a third self, occasional in some of us, tyrant in others. This self is out of love with the ordinary; it is out of love with time. It has a hunger for eternity.” Read More

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