Creativity & Science Appreciation Program

a series of daily workshops set in CAMP-style offering a new perspective and inspiration for young learners to be able to enjoy  and embrace creativity and science 

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CAMP style Program in the UK, Summer 2014

Duration of the CAMP: 10 days

Please note that children can be registered to the camp weekly (for 5 days), however the most benefit can be gained by participating for 10 days

Price: 480.00 GBP if paid weekly (5 days) or 800.00 GBP for 10 days

Location: Central London, UK, Venue is being organized.

The even takes places in collabortion with Montessori Nannies Agency, UK

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All children are artists.
The problem is how to remain
an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso 

‘Seeing Beyond’

with Ildiko Kudlik (HU)

Csikszentmihalyi quote

We, with the children, enhance our creativity and artistic confidence by drawing on the right side of the brain, writing imaginary stories, creating textile&visual art, discovering the meaning of colours and shapes, playing creative games and more.

About the Program

Our main aim is to support children attending our programs to find the creative visionary within and to develop skills that enhance their experience of ease and joy in their creative self-expression.

During the program, children have the opportunity to develop themselves in the areas of creativity, focus, self- confidence and self-esteem in a playful manner. The activities build on Betty Edward’s drawing techniques, the principles of Julia Cameron’s raising creative children; creative writing techniques, Edward de Bono’s creativity enhancing games, art & music therapy techniques, brain gym techniques, different visual art techniques, and the use of a variety media. We encourage children to learn how to switch on the right side of their brain (functions of the right hemisphere) and to balance it with the left side creating harmony between the two.

The exercises do not only support the creative development and enhance creative and artistic expression of the child but can develop the child in other areas as well, such as his/her movement co-ordination, concentration, fine manipulative skills, and his/her ability to work both individually and in teams.

As a result of the program children often experience enhanced concentration even during school sessions and less stress; they may also become more creative and more confident in their self-expression in different artistic ways; they can also experience enhanced self-esteem, more ease in their communication, enhanced drawing skills s well as being able to see gestalt and think in a more complex manner.

The program is highly advisable for children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, attention deficit disorder, and other learning challenges.

Duration of the program: 10  (2weeks); Please note that children can be registered to the camp weekly (for  5 days) as well, however the most benefit can be gained by participating for whole 10 days of the program

Settings: outdoors; indoors

Number of participants: 10-16

Age group: 9-13


  • right-brain drawing techniques established by Betty Edwards with the intention of enhancing creative vision and drawing abilities (five basic skills of drawing: (1) the perception of edges;(2) the perception of spaces;(3) the perception of relationships;(4) the perception of lights and shadows;(5) the perception of the whole, or gestalt )
  • Enhancing creative writing skills by practicing creative and poetry writing based on techniques developed by Julia Cameron
  • enhancing creative artistic vision by doing exercises based on techniques developed by Julia Cameron
  • enhancing problem solving ‘muscles’ and creative thinking strategies based on techniques developed by Edward de Bono by playing variety of fun games
  • building creative personality described by Mihaly Csikszetmihalyi by playing personal development games
  • learning about different artistic styles and philosophies via making art
  • developing self-awareness and positive self-regard by playing self-developmental games
  • visiting museums

Types of things we do:

  • drawing on the right-side of the brain (enhancing creative vision)
  • brain teaser games
  • problem solving games
  • variety of exercises that support the development of a creative personality
  • painting using different media and colours
  • creating unique fibre art using a variety of material
  • learning the basics of cartooning
  • creating accessories using recycled material (sustainable environment project)
  • making something reusable by redecorating or reshaping it using paint and a variety of different
  • material (sustainable environment project) learning to do different needle-work such as
  • knitting, crochet, sawing and embroidery and creating pieces of artwork
  • creating a piece of creative writing (Story Slime Creative Writing Project)
  • creating a short animation
  • creating paper art
  • building a variety of structures
  • museum visit and exploration
  • … there is always more!


(top picture by A.J. Caparo)


‘Natural Explorers’

with Kamelia Miteva (BG)

Bio Games are informal workshops in Natural Science, Biomimicry and Biology for children and adults.

Our workshops empower children to respect nature and to seek inspiration from it. They develop their practical skills and creative thinking through play, games and direct experience, develop their logical thinking, provoke discovery through trial and error and leverage their communication skills.

They are facilitated via a practical interdisciplinary method for learning for the natural sciences, which combines the arts and the sciences and uses elements from biomimicry.

As an educational method, the power of biomimicry lies in inspiring and encouraging respect for nature and all living creatures, in being a highly practical and spurring creativity method. Biomimicry teaches that nature is a mentor and a measure for human activities, not only a resource.

Duration of the CAMP: 10 +5 days (3 weeks); Please note that children can be registered to the camp weekly (for  5 days), however the most benefit can be gained by participating at least for 10 days

Settings: outdoors; indoors

Number of participants: 10-16

Age group: 8-13

Workshops Topics

  • What are colours made from?
  • Mixing and Un-mixing Colours
  • Tree Science
  • Natural Explorers
  • Why Cells and DNA?
  • Cells and Chameleons
  • Animals in Trees: Geckos
  • Animals Change: Tadpoles and Frogs
  • Amazing Sizes
  • How Do We Hear, See, Sense?
  • Breathe In, Breathe Out
  • The Bee Family
  • Water Forms

Biogames pic


Ms. Kamelia Miteva, Biologist, Bulgaria

Kamelia has studied in Germany and the UK. She gained her Masters degree in Biology  at the University of Colone then she obtained various additional certifications in the field of Bio-mimicry in Findhorn College (Innovations Inspired by Nature, Training for Educators) in Scotland. Kamelia has set up her own oganisation called Bio-Games in Bulgaria that runs educational programs revolving around Science/Biology  for children.

Ms. Ildiko Kudlik, Creative, Hungary

Ildikó has studied both in Hungary and the UK. She gained her B.Ed specializing in methodology and psychology. Her main field of interest is creating and running educational programs for children that trigger their curiosity, enhance their self-esteem and support  the development of their creative thinking.


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