from Betty Edwards’ principles of Drawing on the Right
Side of the brain

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… Learning to draw, then, turns out not to be “learning to
draw.” Paradoxically, “learning to draw” means learning to
make a mental shift from L-mode to R-mode. That is what a
person trained in drawing does, and that is what you can

If you can write your name you can learn to draw. Yes it’s
true. You can learn to draw and you don’t have to have an
extraordinary talent – it is simply a question of being
taught how to do so.

Over twenty years ago Dr Betty Edwards developed a teaching
method that would enable students to learn the five
perceptual skills of drawing in as little as five days.
These five skills form the global skill of drawing and once
learned, like learning to read or drive a car, they are
learnt for life.

Once you have learned these skills you will be able to draw
anything – portraits, cats, dogs, the human figure,
landscapes, architecture, hands, feet, still lifes … the
list is endless. The method is the same it is only the
complexity of your subject and the media that varies.

Learning drawing can boost your creativity and confidence.

“For most participants, one of the frequent effects is a
new self-perception as a creative and artistic person.
Whether you feel you have little talent and doubt you could
ever learn; or you enjoy drawing but have not been able to
get beyond a child-like level, these workshops will show
you how to gain and master drawing skills. If you are
already drawing as a professional artist it will give you a
greater confidence in your ability and deepen your artistic

Once learned, drawing can be used to record what you see
either in reality or in your mind’s eye, in a manner not
totally unlike the way we can record our thoughts and ideas
in words. ” (JANET RAE-DUPREE)