How does Art Heal?

How does art heal? How do we kIMG_0021_2 student worknow what we are doing is truly a refection and reaction to the process, how do we know it’s working/ I am sure many people ask this question when they hear about using art as a healing process. I myself have delved into so many articles, books, and personal experiences it would boggle the mind.

I would write poetry and use watercolor as a background, I learned how to sew and remake things to entertain my time, I also became an avid reader, still am today. I look back and can see how writing the poetry and using pen and ink with watercolors was a process of healing as many of those poems were about the moment I was in.

The process itself is not only skill building but emotionally releasing as any artist can tell you when you are deeply in and unaware of the outside world you are speaking to yourself on a very deep level.This is a very different feeling then when we are building skills and developing techniques that enhance or represent a style or theme in our art work. As in Pat B. Allen’s book Art is a spiritual path engaging the intuitive side can be a unique and cathartic process that through intention can bring about great insight and release of things we hold onto.

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