How to encourage your school-age child’s creative play

Creative play helps with learning and development, by letting children engage in problem-solving where there are no set or ‘right’ answers. With creative activity, the process is more important than the product.


It’s important to let your child enjoy the process of creating. Perseverance is a good quality to nurture, so encourage your child to complete artworks. But this is a time for experimentation, for trial and error. That’s how your child learns.

You can encourage your child by showing a keen interest in what’s being created, making suggestions and giving support when needed. Encourage your child to talk about the process, and to share artworks and experiences with friends and family.

Whatever artwork, song or dance your child comes up with, give lots of descriptive praise. For example, ‘I like the rhyming words in your song.’ This will boost your child’s self-esteem and encourage your child to keep going with creative play. Try not to compare your child’s creations with those of other children.

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