Leadership 101 & 102

To put it simply, according to an old fashioned model, Leadership is about achieving results by managing business deals and the people involved. Today, leadership is not only about managing people, being hard-core and creating a successful business anymore. It is much more about becoming inspiring, leading by example, creating value and contributing to the betterment of the world. Leadership is also about moving away from the above mentioned old-fashioned leadership model where the leader is supposed to be knowledgeable, capable, tough and feisty; and moving towards being creative, adaptable, have integrity, being self aware, recognizing his/her passions and how to package all that in a well-defined niche – his/her personal leadership style. Authentic Leadership training approaches leadership from a personal development angle claiming that one can only lead with integrity and authenticity when one is completely aligned with who s/he is his/her innate qualities and what s/he stands for. In order to achieve that one must start digging and finding the hidden treasures inside and align his/her actions with what s/he finds within.


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