Today, at 67, Baryshnikov is still creating art of all kinds around the world. And on Monday, a gala in New York will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Baryshnikov Arts Center, a space he created to give artists the freedom to explore and take risks. Creating An Artist Nirvana With such an exceptional, international Read More

Crazy Creative! <3

Young girls don’t get enough credit for their fearless attitude towards how they present themselves. I hadn’t really thought about it until I found @what_my_daughter_wore on instagram, a project by Jenny Williams that documents the daily stylistic choices of tween girls. In an effort to focus more on her art, Williams challenged herself to draw Read More

Healing thru Art

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Advanced Style

92-year-old dancer, yogi, designer, and writer, Phyllis Sues, at her L.A. home…  Phyllis is one of the most vital and energetic people that I have ever met. She is constantly challenging herself to try new things, like trapeze at 80 and skydiving on at 90! Her next goal is to become anactress and write a Read More


Amanda Seyfried says she was obsessive as a little girl: “I would have to be really organized…” She thinks, “that kind of anxiety in me, that obsession, was helpful. I use it in my acting.” She also talks about experiencing panic attacks and other forms of anxiety. Creativity coach Eric Maisel, PhD comments, “It isn’t Read More

More Creative

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