Creative Program Teaser

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Creative day-care Program

Dear Exhausted Parent/Care-taker, Are you ready to plunge into ‘holiday-mode’ and to take a break? Simply sign your child into Creative Day-Care Service. Apart from having oodles of fun, the children can participate in educational, and creative play-time in English . This nanny is an EFL (English as a foreigner language) and Art teacher who is Read More


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In a heartbeat

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Creative challenge of the week

Can you express ‘my life so far’ in a 6-word one-liner? Some examples of one-liner life stories: If only I had turned left. No A Levels but a millionaire. Alas, Mr Right never turned up. Wasted my whole life getting comfortable. Started slowly then dashed to line. Ditched the map, found better route. Read More


“For some reason, we think writing is supposed to impress people. But it’s not. Writing is supposed to connect with people.” Read More

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