Creative program description

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso (picture by A.J. Caparo) ‘SEEING BEYOND’   Adventures in Creativity Program Series Program description This program aims to support participants to develop in the areas of creativity, focus, self- confidence self-esteem, and unique self-expression in a playful Read More

Changing the food game!

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Drawings that show the beauty and fragility of Earth | Zaria Forman

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Leadership 101 & 102

To put it simply, according to an old fashioned model, Leadership is about achieving results by managing business deals and the people involved. Today, leadership is not only about managing people, being hard-core and creating a successful business anymore. It is much more about becoming inspiring, leading by example, creating value and contributing to the betterment Read More

Benefits of Right-brain thinking – article

Benefits of The Right Brain by Richard Stammler extracts Other creative people have deliberately employed techniques to activate the right brain for problem solving, writing ideas, and other creative solutions. Any sort of dissociation, disconnecting from the everyday world gets you there. For example, Edison is purported to have used the hypnogogic state to stimulate Read More

Age of the right brain – article

Let Computers Compute. It’s the Age of the Right Brain. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” — Albert Einstein I’M of two minds. As a matter of fact, so are you. And until recently, corporate America wasn’t doing much to take advantage of one of them. But now that we’re hip-deep in what has been Read More

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