Importance of creativity and artistic play

Creative play and artistic activity are important to children’s overall development. They help nurture imagination, and also develop problem-solving, thinking and motor skills. School children start to learn that some problems have a single solution (two plus two always equals four). They also develop skills for finding the right result for a given problem. But Read More


The site intends to offer practical ideas on how to use art and creativity to support human development and recovery especially that of children. It aims to emphasise developing and using our creativity and imagination to its fullest in order to create a unique life to our fulfilment amongst many advantages. Read More

Start wherever you are @

Do you think Creativity is some mystical skill that is bestowed upon only a few? Well, no magic here at all! We are all blessed with two hemispheres and so we are all born creative. How developed your right-hemisphere is, though, is another question entirely and that is one of the focuses of this website. Read More

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