Picture diary – an invitation!

Shall we dance?

I have been writing diaries since I was 15 years old. I still have today most of my diaries. I find it fascinating to see how much I have or have not changed over the years.

I also love drawing and have been actively creating different art works and doodles for over two decades now.

As you can probably see from the number of blogs I run that I also like blogging and sharing my ideas with others.

In this invitation, I wish to combine all my loves.

Recently, I have started a new project: writing a picture diary. Here you can see some of my diary pictures. I am not sure they make any sense to others but I could tell stories just by looking at them.

I invite you to start creating your own picture diary that will remind you of those amazing and unique experiences that you have throughout the days of your life.

These pictures or doodles are not meant to be for artistic value but for self-expression. Whether you can draw (trained) or not, it does not really matter because you just want to put your experiences and feelings onto paper. That is all to it.

Believe me, looking back on those funny doodles later is so much fun because these drawings are really telling. They seem to capture the essence of whatever we are going through at the time.

Please, share your drawings with me! I would be happy and honoured to publish them on my site and FB page. Show me what you’ve got! 🙂