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Below, please, read about the ‘Seeing Beyond’ Creative Adventure Program Series held in Sofia, Bulgaria

With the children, we enhance our creativity and artistic confidence by drawing on the right side of the brain, writing imaginary stories, creating textile art, discovering the meaning of colours and shapes, playing creative and developmental games and more.


Children who take part in my PROGRAMS AND EVENTS can take part in the STORYSLIME CREATIVE WRITING PROJECT.


(Photos were taken at the program held in Sofia, Bulgaria, in December 2012)

The program is and will be offered in different formats in Sofia Bulgaria, Budapest Hungary, Kissos Greece, and London UK.


  • right-brain drawing techniques established by Betty Edwards with the intention of enhancing creative vision and drawing abilities
  • Enhancing creative writing skills by practising creative and poetry writing based on techniques developed by Julia Cameron
  • enhancing creative artistic vision by doing exercises based on techniques developed by Julia Cameron
  • enhancing problem solving ‘muscles’ and creative thinking strategies based on techniques developed by Edward de Bono by playing variety of fun games
  • building creative personality described by Mihaly Csikszetmihalyi by playing personal development games
  • learning about different artistic styles and philosophies via making art
  • developing self-awareness and positive self-regard by playing self-developmental games


The ‘Seeing Beyond’ Creativity program can be offered in a series of one-day workshops, a series of couple-hour sessions (after school club) or as a four-day course (camp style).

List of activities offered:

  • drawing on the right-side of the brain (enhancing creative vision)
  • brain teaser games
  • problem solving games
  • variety of exercises that support the development of a creative personality
  • painting using different media and colours
  • creating unique fibre art using a variety of material
  • learning the basics of cartooning
  • creating accessories using recycled material (sustainable environment project)
  • making something reusable by redecorating or reshaping it using paint and a variety of different material (sustainable environment project)
  • learning to do different needle-work such as knitting, crochet, sawing and embroidery and creating pieces of artwork
  • creating a piece of creative writing (Story Slime Creative Writing Project/short story/poem)
  • creating a short animation
  • creating paper art
  • building a variety of structures – thinking with our hands
  • … there is always more!

Activity leader, Ildiko Kudlik,  has worked with children for the past twenty years in different capacities. She is an educator-coach and artist who believes in the power of playful learning and developing while having oodles of fun. She runs her different creative and educational programs all over Europe.

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