When life is unpredictable

Here are seven reasons to get creative when life gets unpredictable.

Let Your Creative Practice Hold You & Guide You
Having a regular creative practice can help you feel grounded during times of uncertainty and change. You may not be able to control all kinds of external circumstances but you can decide that you’re going to show up to the page or dance or sing, no matter what.

Let Life Be Your Creative Fuel
One of the great gifts of the arts is that they can hold the whole gamut of our experience. Whatever you are going through, whatever is churning, burning or buzzing inside, channel it into your art. Write a scathing poem. Sing a song of grief. Sew an outfit of ta-dah!

Connect to Your Inner Wisdom
Engaging your worrying mind in a simple creative activity can make way for your intuition and inner wisdom. Don’t be surprised if a sudden moment of clarity arrives while you’re colouring, doodling or beading.

Open Your Mind: Allow Your Life & Yourself to Be Shaken
We don’t like to be shaken but sometimes it is healthy for us to mix things up. When we’re out of our groove, that’s the best time to think about what song we actually want to be playing. Take this opportunity to open up your eyes and get a fresh perspective. Is this an opportunity for a fresh start?

Creativity loves to dance with the unknown, to look for patterns, to make meaning out of chaos. Your creativity isn’t just for peaceful Sunday afternoons over cups of tea (though I love that, don’t you?) Our creativity is a force to be reckoned with, a skill we can draw on in every situation. Tap into your creativity and find your way to ride what is right here, right now. You never know what might happen!

Our Art is More than a Hobby
When we choose to stick with our art and creative practice even when life is unpredictable, out of synch or disrupted, we are saying to ourselves, to others and to the Universe, this matters. We’re saying, this isn’t a hobby; it is who we are. Like eating or sleeping, our art time is essential.

Creativity is Our Magic
Creativity is a gift that runs through every fibre of our being. It is the magic we draw on in times of need and in times of glory. It is where our resilience and our resourcefulness live. It is for every day and for all time. Even now.

Source jamie ridler studio

photo daniel miessler.com